Matthew Fredrick


Mobile, desktop and web development for the audio and music industry.

Cutting-edge DSP and audio tools development for producers and musicians.

Holistic web marketing, branding and site development for music industry professionals.

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My mission is to provide professional technical services to audio industry entrepreneurs, musicians and educators. I aim to bolster productivity and creativity in the medium of audio through the development of new tools and technologies.

I also work to accelerate careers in audio by providing web presence consulting and online content services to music industry professionals.


My interests in programming have evolved over time. What has become a passion for combining music and technology in ways that help people to enjoy both more thoroughly was born out of a love for problem solving. I first began to see how powerful writing code could be in my engineering studies. I soon realized how much I enjoyed programming and especially relished the challenge of creating robust solutions which I could apply to other problems or which I could expand upon to solve more complex problems.

I earned a BSME from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Along the way, I learned to apply programming and engineering principles to tackle interdisciplinary projects with teams. I always enjoyed developing software to solve complex computational problems. Writing code has always been an integral part of the engineering design process for me.